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c2eMusic Soulful Deep House
Also available on Mixcloud - www.mixcloud.com/c2emusic
Category: Deep House
Location: Sydney
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by Richie Haynes
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April 11, 2017 04:44 AM PDT

This mix was done at the end of Feb this year to celebrate my fifth anniversary on Pressure Radio. It's a crazy thought, I mean I can genuinely see the me hitting play on the first track like it was yesterday.
Frank Ainsworth one of the residents was in the chatroom to make sure it went off without any issues.
I was so excited to play, I had so many ideas and so many great tracks I wanted to share with everyone.
It was a tough slot as with the timezone difference between Aus, Europe and the US someone was always going to suffer, and with work commitments it wasn't going to be me. That has meant the show is typically on too early for my US followers which is a shame.
It also means there is a fair bit of confusion twice a year as the clocks change and the show lunges backwards and forwards in the Northern Hemisphere.
Soon after starting I was joined by another Pressure newbie - my brotha' from anotha' DJ Kevin Anthony from Baltimore. We created a quality four hour back to back set. For such an obscure isolated slot we got a great following with numbers no different to peak time UK and US.
Over the years I've met some great people in the chatroom, Jules, Mandy, Pete YMAW, Big Pete, Dini, G, Steve, Leah LND, Murph, Ludi, Ben TBM, Cookie, Andrea, Nicky, and of course we can't forget all of the silent listeners on the outside.
The station has a warm family feel with everyone very supportive, and the talent.....the likes of Andy Ward, Jon Mateo, Pugweezer, Brew, Geoffrey C, Brother C, Sahara 247, DJ Arch, Biopic to name a few. All sharing the same passion for deep soulful house music.
Finally a HUGE shout out to the two people that make this all happen, Carol and DJP who run the show. Massive Kudos to their dedication all for the love, five years on I am still very grateful to have been the chance to call this place my home.

1: Arnold Jarvis, Kerri Chandler - Inspiration
2: Carolyn Harding - Pick It Up (Sean McCabe's Club Vocal Mix)
3: AAries - Don't Give It Up (Reel People Mix)
4: Kings Of Tomorrow ft April - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Classic)
5: Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - Take It To The Top
6: The Layabouts ft Portia Monique - Bring Me Joy (Director's Cut Remix)
7: House Of Soul, Rochelle Rice - Every Day (Adam Rios and Johnny JM Vocal)
8: MAW, India - Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix)
9: Angel-A - Come Sunday Morning (Angel-A and Doc Link Remix)
10: Kyodai - Breaking
11: Kink - Valentines Groove
12: Denis Filipovic - Come With Me
13: Nick Nikolov - Come Down
14: Gilbert Le Funk - New Dawn
15: Lexa Hill - Da Hood
16: Wyen Solo - SMILE (Groove Assassin Dub Remix)
17: The Checkup - Set My Soul Free
18: Jordan Trove - Beautiful World (JT Reverse Dub)
19: Ross Couch - Somebody Like You
20: Danny J Lewis - When The Sun Breaks The Clouds
21: Lovebirds Mandrill
22: Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts (Recloose Mix)


March 31, 2017 05:46 AM PDT

Just as my belief in the quality of tunes was starting to wain along came a set of beauties to put me straight again.
I love the diversity and build up in this mix and there are some real crackers along the way.
The first couple of tracks are deep, but in a warm n fuzzy way. We then switch into a burst of fun loving twisted electronic phunk. This style is so refreshing and I love being able to add it into the mix to diversify the sound.
The mix thickens up a little with Sebb Junior and continues through to the excellent KOT and Rhemi Dub of Sandy Rivera's infamous "Changes".
Have to mention DJ-Eclyps, have been a fan for a while and he delivers with "Give It To Me".
The mix lifts again for a more traditional soulful house sound before the heat kicks in.
It starts with a bit of Acid courtesy of MANIK, quickly followed by two of my favourite tracks from Georg Levin and Alex Herrera.
We are then well and truly in the thick of it with big tunes coming thick and fast.
Another shout to Jordan Grover who stepped up with "I've Had It With You".
Large continue on a roll with an excellent EP by Finest Wear. So much so that all three tracks are in the mix.
The mix cools down with the help of Lay-Far on "That Dub".
Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed mixing it.
Finally thanks to everyone that helped me hit #2 on the Deep House chart.

1: thatmanmonkz - Manna For Poppa
2: Brawther - Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix)
3: Marcel Lune - Eat Good
4: hodini - Down Up
5: JR from Dallas - Downtown City (Nouskynousk Remix)
6: Aitor Astiz - Old School Slang (4Tek Remix)
7: Linkwood, House Of Traps - Barely Eagle
8: Sebb Junior - Groove On
9: Powder Monkeys -Holdin On (Homero's Dub Mix)
10: Tuff Vibes - Ruff
11: DJ-Eclyps, Tara Jamelle - Give It To Me (Orig Extended Mix)
12: Sandy Rivera, Haze - Changes 2017 (Kings Of Tomorrow vs Rhemi Dub)
13: Moullinex - Tee Flowers
14: PolyRhythm, Jay Kutz, Jaquita May - This World (Mr V's 1996 Version Instrumental)
15: Keith Sibley - Stand By Me (Johan S)
16: MANIK (NYC) - Myrtle Ave
17: Georg Levin - Everything Must Change (Bara Brost Disco Dub Remix)
18: Alex Herrera - Activate
19: Jordan Trove - I've Had It With You (Fizzikx Remix)
20: Bronx Cheer - Foolin (Piers Kirwan Remix)
21: Finest Wear - In Her Mind
22: S3A - Feels Like Garage
23: Finest Wear - U Got To Move
24: Franqy, Louis Bailey - In The Club (Brotherton Wing Remix)
25: Finest Wear - Tribute To Pepe
26: Intr0beatz, Lay-Far - That Dub (SMDB Motown Mix)


March 25, 2017 06:07 AM PDT

This mix was recorded on Pressure Radio on 4th Feb and was a remake of an original concept from about a year ago.
It only features tracks released on the legendary Soulfuric label, including it’s sister labels – Trax and Deep.

The original version was a mix of vinyl and digital, whereas this mix is digital only meaning some of the older tracks are absent.

It’s probably a 50/50 split between the soulful sound of the first few years in the late 90’s and the latin infused flava through the 00’s.
There are definitely plans for a follow up as a few favs didn’t make it in due to being on vinyl.

1: Groove Addix ft Annette Taylor – Faith (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix)
2: Bongoloverz – The Ministers (Classic Mix)
3: 4 Siders – Sol Y Mas (B’s Unreleased Re-edit)
4: Master Builders – Blend (JnG Retweaked Mix)
5: Richard Earnshaw – People R People (Main Mix)
6: UBP ft Michael Proctor – Love Don’t Live (Dub-strumental)
7: UBP, Mother Of Pearl ft Pearlie Mae – Your Heaven – I Can Feel It (Soulfuric Dub)
8: Deepstar – Sugar (Sugar Vocal)
9: UBP ft Donna Allen – He Is The Joy (Rawsoul Orchestral Mix)
10: Underground Ministries ft Kenny Bobien – I Shall Not Be Moved (B’s 2004 Off the Vinyl Re-Edit)
11: Deepstar – Sugar (Jazz-N-Groove Sugar Rush Dub)
12: Brian Tappert – The Organ Track (The Other House Mix)
13: Raul Moros – Amazonica (Daytime Mix)
14: Audiowhores – Nekoosa
15: Afromento – Midnight Train (Afromento Remix)
16: Ferry B & Franco De Mulero – Balearico (Original)
17: Afromento – Human Wave (Raul Moros Furic Soul Dub)
18: Raul Moros – Back 2 Basics
19: Audiowhores – Subject Of My Affection
20: Matt Caseli – Regina’s Sax Experience (Caseli Porn Mix)
21: Universal Love – Ritmo Da Rua (Brian Tappert Prime Time Vibe)
22: Cricco Castelli – La Casa Del Jazz (Original)


March 13, 2017 12:31 AM PDT

This marks the 200th release here on Podomatic. To celebrate we have a special mix that was recorded live on Pressure Radio in February 2017.

Continuing the legends series we head stateside for a producer whose sound has given the scene a real mature smooth vibe over the years, both as part of the legendary Blaze duo, and more recently as a solo producer.

It is of course Josh Milan who I was lucky enough to see/hear live in Sydney a few years back. His energy was infectious and he had the place singing, spinning, jumping and dancing all night.

There is a large repertoire of classics to choose from as well as future classics that will surely also stand the test of time.

Thanks for all of the incredible tunes you've given us over the years. Keep doing what you, your rich deep soulful sounds will always be welcome in the house of c2eMusic.

1: Mood II Swing - Can't Get Away (Blaze Mix)
2: Blaze - Gloria's Muse (The Yoga Song) (Danny Krivit 718 Mix)
3: Josh Milan - Your Body (Louie Vega EOL Mix)
4: Dawn Williams, Josh Milan - I'm Your Gypsy (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
5: Josh Milan - Fort Greene (Main)
6: Raw Silk - Do It To The Music (Roots Vocal Mix)
7: Miranda Nicole - Kissing You (Josh Milan Honeycomb Vocal)
8: Botshelo Huma, nkokhi - Something New (Josh Milan's Honeycomb Vocal)
9: Blaze - Found A Love
10: Blaze ft Mr V - Breathe (Liquid People Present Danism Mix)
11: Blaze - Wishing You Were Here (Negro Dub)
12: Josh Milan ft Chinah Black - Till You Go Home (Main)
13: Kia Stewart, Josh Milan - He Still Loves Me (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
14: Blaze - How Deep Is Your Love
15: Kenny Dope ft Josh Milan - Stay With Me (Muthafunkaz Music Mix)
16: Namy ft Josh Milan - From Now On (DJ Spen & N'Dinga Gaba Mix)
17: Blaze - Most Precious Love (DF Future 3000 Mix)
18: Jamiroquai - Little L (Blaze Shelter Mix)
19: Luisito Quintero ft Blaze - Love Remains The Same (Louie Vega Mix)


January 30, 2017 05:04 AM PST

This is the first new release in months, September was the last one. It's the longest I've gone between new releases since the dawn of time!
It's not like I haven't been playing. The c2eMusic Radio Show has been running every Thursday with the exception of the Christmas chaos break. Some of those mixes have made it out, more are waiting in the wings.
On top of that there is the new residency in Sydney at Underground Jack thanks to my friend and founder DJ Nycks.
This months mix is made up of music purchased between October and Jan. That said the tunes themselves go right back to the early-mid 90's courtesy of Victor Simonelli and Tommy Musto. This gives a section of the mix a real NY house vibe from 93/94.
The latter part sees the intensity build nicely with Demarkus Lewis contributing three tight deep tracks.
Tune of the mix though goes to a sixteen year old producer from a small town in Eastern England. "Beautiful World"by Jordon Grover (a.k.a. Jordan Troves) is a masterpiece in that classic UK garage sound with a modern edge. The vocal sample is instantly recognisable and perfect for the drops. I for one am excited at the thought of what else may come flying out of Lincoln courtesy of the young house head.
It will be my fifth anniversary on Pressure this month, time has flown, but looking at the podcast so many gems have been unearthed in that time. Hears to another five years of gem mining.

1: 20 Below - A Lil'Tribute to the Moody Black Keys
2: Black Loops - Feel The B (Carlo Remix)
3: 20 Below - Jus'Nite Groovin
4: Instant Exposure - I Need A Little More (Orig Victore Simonelli Mix)
5: Silicone Soul - Right On 4 Tha Darkness
6: Groove Assassin - Heat (Sean's Baby Dub)
7: Sol Brown, Sasha Williamson - Sumthin'Good (Groove Assassin Voxx Dub)
8: Sandy Rivera, Sabrynaah Pope - Come On
9: Community ft Fonda Rae - Parade (TMVS Mix)
10: Max Telear - I Wish You
11: Terrence Parker - Cala Luna
12: Re-Tide - The Power
13: Snazzy Trax - Like Disco
14: Ross Couch - Body Rhythm
15: Demarkus Lewis - Sway Away
16: Crookers, Mike City - Get My Mind Right (Way More Than A Dub Mix)
17: Demarkus Lewis - Shuffle Board
18: Kenny Dope, DJ Gomi, Antonio Hart - Piano Groove (Dub)
19: Jordan Trove - Beautiful World (JT's Reverse Dub)
20: Inner Souls - Neighbourhood (Ross Couch Vox Dub)
21: Maxim Lany - Droga (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
22: Ouer - The Ascent (Adesse Versions Remix)
23: Sante Sansone - Venice In Love
24: Black Loops - Baustelle


January 23, 2017 01:15 AM PST

This is the second mix in the Underground Jack RAW series. It was recorded live on Pressure Radio on Jan 12th, the night before the live event at Tatler in Sydney.

It captures the vibe on the night perfectly and is a great advert for what your ears can expect to hear and the beat that will move your feet.

The radio show itself was pretty intense too. The chatroom was busy with rare appearances from Pressure's own John Mateo and Andy Ward.
It was 5am in NY when the show started and a couple of minutes in Mateo popped in. He was feeling the vibe so much he cranked his sound system up. Sure the neighbours were bouncing in their beds with the fat basslines and chunky beats.

If you're in Sydney or even Australia and can't keep your feet from tapping when you listen to this, then come down to the next event on 10th Feb at Tatler in Darlinghurst, Sydney. It's free entry, so no excuses smiley.

Join me and Dj Nycks as we serve up another dose of RAW........to move you on the dance-floor.


1: Eric Kupper, Kenny Summit, Proper - Over Here (Deeper Mix)
2: 4004 - Round Streets (S3A's Ravist Mix)
3: Even Iff - Slide
4: Alex Arnout - Move On
5: Aki Bergen ft Carmen Sherry - Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Mix)
6: Motor City Drum Ensemble - Send A Prayer (Part 2)
7: Rosenhaft - Wish
8: The Synthetigers - So Good
9: Purple Disco Machine - Magic
10: The Synthetigers - Princess
11: Alan De Laniere - Dance
12: Re-Tide - The Power
13: Andy Tee, Danny Losito, Kareem Shabazz - Spend Some Time (Micky More Deep Mix)
14: City Soul Project - Ah Shucks
15: City Soul Project - Au Shonk
16: Jordan Trove - Beautiful World (JT's Reverse Dub)
17: Inner Souls - Neighbourhood (Ross Couch Vox Dub)
18: Knee Deep - Gypsy Bucket
19: Lovebirds - The Beast
20: Lone - Coreshine Voodoo
21: Taste Of Honey - Hardy Choice (Mattei & Omich Re-Edit)
22: Thor - Don't Stop
23: DJ Garphie, Diviniti - Character 269 (Gareth Alexander Garage Remix)
24: Deetron - Can't Love You More


December 06, 2016 11:28 PM PST

This is an all vinyl special recorded live on Pressure Radio on 10th November. It was a late start to the show as I had no idea what to play.
After a quick flick I came across the old Defected collection. The challenge was on, could I do a whole show.................you bet!

Was joined by Big Pete my mate from home for the second half of the mix. He was bouncing around the chatroom to the tunes encouraging me to keep turning the screw.
He's pestered me ever since to give him a copy of the mix and I've managed to put it off for almost a month!!

So here it is in all it's snap crackle 'n' popping glory. Hopefully Mr Dunmore doesn't take offence, but just in case, get your ears around it as soon as possible.

1: Kathy Brown - You Give Good Love (Jay-J's Moulton Studio Mix)
2: Crystal Clear - Live Your Life (Live Elements Vox)
3: Eminence ft Kathy Brown - Give It Up (Clepto's Classic Vocal Mix)
4: Hott 22 - Dreamscape
5: King Unique - Change
6: Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin'
7: Havana Funk - Bakiri Ban
8: Banda Sonora - Guitarra G
9: Olav Basoski - Opium Scumbags (Cleptomaniacs Mystic Dub)
10: ATFC pres OnePhatDeeva ft Lisa Millett - Bad Habit (ATFC Club Mix)
11: Bobby Blanco & Mikki Moto - 3AM
12: Bob Sinclar - Save Our Souls
13: ATFC ft Lisa Millett - Sleep Talk (Junior Jack Club Mix)
14: Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - Black Sugar
15: Blaze ft Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (Future 3000 Vocal)
16: Una Mas - I Will Follow (Full Intention Club Mix)
17: Copyright ft Imaani - Time
18: Julie McKnight - Home (Knee Deep Dub)


November 20, 2016 02:17 AM PST

This is a special promo mix done on Pressure Radio on 17th November for the Underground Jack event held in Sydney the following Friday 18th called "Raw".
It marks the start of a new chapter with an upcoming residency from January at Sydney's legendary Tatler's in Darlinghurst.
It's a seamless flow across the sounds of the last 15 years in both digital and vinyl form. A fair few of the tracks were played on the night and got a great reaction from the fantastic crowd that turned up. All up it turned into a four and a half hour long set including some back 2 back action with Underground Jack's founder DJ Nycks.
Hopefully a sign of things to come here in Sydney, so to celebrate and get you in the mood for the next one, download this deep house bad boy and lose yourself in the music.

1: Angel Moraes - Welcome To The Factory
2: H.C.C.R. - Tania
3: Lovebirds - Mandrill
4: Mambana - No Reason (DJ Meri Vox)
5: H.C.C.R. - Night @ The Black
6: Stuttering Munx, Elliot Chapman - Alright (Part2 - Piers Kirwan Mix)
7: Kink - Valentine's Groove
8: Kid Creme ft Shawnee Taylor - Austin's Groove (Let Me Live)
9: Sandy Rivera - Love For Free
10: The Phat Swede - He Belongs To Me
11: DJ Romain, Miss Patty – I Got You (Vocal Mix)
12: Oscar Barila - The Last Goodbye (Maiki Remix)
13: Robbie Rivera Grooves - Funk-A-Tron
14: Robbie Rivera - Keep Going You Don't Stop (Shaggadelic Mix)
15: Trackheadz - Our Music (Kaje Trackheadz Remix)
16: Denis Filipovic - Come With Me
17: Princeton Rejects - Love Games
18: Gilbert La Funk - New Dawn
19: Sidney Charles - Going Down
20: Raffa FL - The X Track
21: Todd Terry - Kashmir
22: Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym
23: Bassment Jaxx - Fly Life


September 29, 2016 07:21 AM PDT

A mix that has evolved through the course of the month. We can think of it as 4/4/4. Four beats in a bar of four distinct styles, first one being that deep warm sound that gets us warmed up for what's to come. Second is the vocals into disco. Third is booty shakin' bouncing rumbling tunes topped off with chunky Chicago style house.

Special call out to Demarkus Lewis and Soledrifter who went toe to toe with three tracks each.

Two tracks of the month - firstly Lexa Hill with "Da Hood", pure sunshine energy.
Top of the pops has to go to Louie Vega's latest - Bourgie Bourgie. He truly is the king and long may he reign.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed - which part of the mix moved you most? What were your top three tracks?
What didn't you like? All feedback is appreciated. Also feel free to like and share. Not you keeping this musical goodness to yourself smiley


1: Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon, TK Blue - The Blue Room (Kaidi Tatham's Shokazuku Remix)
2: Roberto Rodriguez - Broken
3: Sebb Junior - Danse
4: 4004 - In The Mood
5: Detroit Swindle - Tori Karaage
6: Soledrifter - Created
7: Demarkus Lewis, J Paul Getto - Sleepin
8: Logic - The Flavor Of Love (Ultra Love Mix)
9: Kia Stewart - He Still Loves Me (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
10: Timmy Vegas, Tweek - Got To Get Your Love (Boogie Down Dee Jays Mix)
11: John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie', Bourgie' (Dance Ritual Dub)
12: Namy, Joi Cardwell - Bright Eyes (Crackazat Happy Classic Mix)
13: Demarkus Lewis - Self Is Steam (Stripped Dub Mix)
14: Soledrifter - Ain't Nobody
15: Demarkus Lewis - I Do It Naturally
16: Bress Underground - Funk It
17: Lexa Hill - Da Hood
18: Soledrifter - Paranoid Kids
19: Mattei & Omich, Taste Of Honey - Hardy Choice (Mattei & Omich Re-Edit)
20: Cajmere, Gene Farris - Members Only
21: Phonik Funk, Max'C - Don't Stop (Peaktime Dub)
22: Alkalino - Beware Of The Dog
23: Ross Couch - Life Goes On
24: Crime - Rhythm Graffiti (The Pleasure Zone)


September 19, 2016 04:39 AM PDT

Please hit the favourite button on the Podomatic player to help me win a Broadcast account for life. It will allow me to host all of my 200 mixes in one place making it easier for you to enjoy.
Big thank you for your support.

This mix is a great advert for the diverse sound that house music has mutated into over the last 25+ years. That's helped with more than a few remixes, samples and originals from across the years.
We start off as always with a deeper sounds, although this time there's a heavy jazz flavour.
The sound pivots with an insane remix from Pezzner of "Candy Coated Perfection".
There is then a cluster of nods to the old days. I won't spoil it, you have to listen.
Producer of the month for me is Gilbert La Funk. Both tracks are magic, "New Dawn" just pipping.
The mix ends with the most chilled track I've probably ever played. It's short and sweet and very very deeeeep,
"Croydon Depot" is a great way to come down.

Download the mix at www.c2emusic.com

1- Tim Deluxe - Trying' Find A Way
2- Joss Moog - Subtube
3- Homework - Pleister
4- Jazzman, Iban Montoro - Next To You
5- Hamza - Acid Jazz
6- Candy Coated Perfection ft Sacha - Candy Coated Perfection (Pezzner Dub)
7- Debonair - Real Talk
8- Deezbootz - Catch The Train
9- Djordje - Happiness
10- NY's Finest, City Soul Project - Do You Feel Me (City Soul Project Mix)
11- Jay Vegas - Body & Soul
12- Demarkus Lewis - Got Me Runnin
13- Gilbert La Funk - Kaleidoscope
14- Steve Mill - Times Are Ruough
15- The Fog - Been A Long Time
16- Teddy Douglas - Check It Out
17- The Djoon Experience, Kenny Bobien- Baptize Me (Terrence Parker Gospel Stomp Mix)
18- Timmy Vegas - Timmy's Choir (2nd Coming Dub)
19- Demarkus Lewis - Inside Urself
20- Drop Out Orchestra ft Yvette - I Got It (H.I.M.W.O.L. Remix)
21- Gilbert La Funk - New Dawn
22- The Checkup - I Found House
23- Anthony Beckford - Funky Lowdown (Monodeluxe Dub Mix)
24- Henry Wu - Croydon Depot


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