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c2eMusic Soulful Deep House
Also available on Mixcloud - www.mixcloud.com/c2emusic
Category: Deep House
Location: Sydney
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by Richie Haynes
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October 22, 2017 03:33 AM PDT

Had this mix ready for a few weeks but have been very busy so no time to publish. The mix shares a few tracks with the "Midwinter Madness" mix but contains a handful of newer tracks. Opens with a killer classic from 1992 - TC 1992 with "The Funk Is Back".
I have had to take the music room down as I'm selling the house so struggling to find time at the moment, however there are still some radio shows and FB streams going ahead.
Also looking to get involved in a new night here in Sydney to help breath some much needed life into a very stagnant city. The powers that be sure did a job this time - hopefully there are enough people out there that want to make a difference to help get it back on it's feet again.
A reminder you can catch me live every Thursday on PressureRadio - 10am to 12pm UK, 9pm to 11pm Sydney/Melbourne.
I'm streaming live at HouseNation.live on Facebook every other Monday - again 10am to 12pm UK, 9pm to 11pm Sydney. (23/Oct, 6/Nov, 20/Nov....)

1: TC 1992 - The Funk Is Back
2: Eman, DJ Fudge - Kings Of Brooklyn (Davidson Ospina Remix)
3: Sean Mccabe & Mr V - It Can Be (West mix)
4: Essence - Large
5: Dr. Shemp - Tribute To Richard Pursar
6: Francesco Sansone - Underground
7: Shino Blackk - Wat If (Shino Zoned Out Piece)
8: Rapson - Heat (Exclusive extended mix)
9: Full Intention - It's Set To Groove (Downtown Mix)
10: Bonetti, Urvin June, Anthony Carey - Summer Heat (Club Mix)
11: Grant Nelson - So Special
12: Mr. Kavalicious - Ride on Top
13: Grant Nelson - Move Closer (Brixton Rub)
14: Finest Wear - U Got To Move
15: Michel de Hey - Tracklights (Crackazat Dub)
16: Da Lukas - You Can't Stop The Groove (Original Mix)
17: Dj Romain, Emori - This Hot (DJ Spen & Sean McCabe Hotter Than July mix)
18: Joeski ft E-Man - I Remember House (Tribute Mix)
19: Marquis Hawkes - The Basement Is Burning
20: Margherita Cecchi - So Good (instrumental mix)
21: The Gene Dudley Group - Inspector Norse
22: First Choice - Smarty Pants (Stonebridge Nice Nice Club Mix)


September 23, 2017 12:38 AM PDT

As the title suggests this is all things '08.  The mix was recorded on Pressure Radio on September 21st 2017.  I did a "Best Of 2008" mix in.....2008, but that was through the ears of my mate Burnsie who was big on his Yass and Spen at the time.  I had my own favourites but never got round to recording it, so here we are.  The mix starts off deep and stays there for a while.  Marc Evans introduces a different vibe before we switch again for some "Afro Sounds" waaaay before Afro House was a "thing".  We see things out with Spen, who was as prolific back then as he is now, as are many of the artists and producers in this mix.  It's a hallmark of the quality your about to hear.
Remember to join me live every other week on Mondays (9 to 11pm Sydney) on FB with HouseNation.live.  Simply go to the HouseNation.live page on FB and you can see and hear the live show - yep that's right I'll be doing a live video stream from c2e towers.  I am still continuing to do my weekly c2eMusic show on Pressure Radio every Thursday (9-11pm Sydney) (12pm-2pm UK during Summer, 10am-12pm Winter).  Listen to the player or visit the chatroom to say hi.

1. Marc Romboy - Elif (Jimpster Remix)
2. Joeflame - Music In My Soul
3. Vlad Caia - Brickhouse 
4. Milton Jackson - Ghosts In The Machine
5. Lovebirds - The Sound
6. Anthony Nicholson - Outta Control
7. Sweetreat - Dreamscape
8. Cloudsteppers - Make Me Shine (Chris Udoh's Rework) 
9. Rondenion - Precious Time 
10. Gel Abril - Marir
11. Mike Dunn presents The MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky 
12. Cbass & Mikobene - Super Pussy (Milton Jackson Remix) 
13. James Junior - Come Home With Me (Conan Liquid Dub Mix) 
14. Marc Evans - Reach Out For Love (Muthafunkaz 12" Mix) 
15. 7th Movement - Odyssey (Dub Star Discomix) 
16. DJ Spen pres The Jersey Maestros ft Renee Smith - He's So Real (Muthafunkaz Tell Ya Bout Him) 
17. Vega - Jo'Bergs Theme (Roots Mix) 
18. Souled - Rockeez 
19. Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance
20. Karizma - Twyst This
21. Eric Kupper - Stonk
22. The Absolute intro Suzanne Palmer - There Will Come A Day (Black Lozenge)
23. Tommy Largo - All Funked Up
24. Teddy Douglas ft Margret Grace - Watcha Gonna Do (Spen's Code Red Edit)


August 25, 2017 10:23 PM PDT

This mix makes it into the Munted series mainly because of the feedback during the show. I'd bought a dozen new tunes that day and was weaving them in. The flow worked really well and some of the tracks are class. You'll recognise some of them from the August podcast. Mix ends with another nod of appreciation for Lay-Far's excellent set on the Local Talk boat party at Suncebeat 8. Two of his last three tracks, but played in reverse order. "Inspector Norse" is just foot sliding madness - love it. You can enjoy the full set here:   Looking to do a fortnightly set on Monday's 9 to 11pm Sydney time on HouseNation.Live. I'll be streaming sound and visuals via their Facebook page. Just need to run a couple more tests so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to everyone that tunes in on a regular basis - your support is appreciated, especially those tuning in early for breakfast in the US.

Tracklisting: 1: T.U.R.F. - East Side Harmony 2: Mastercris - Chains 3: Hurlee - Hot Feelings 4: Armless Kid, Queen Rose - Loubar's Stars 5: Loleatta Holloway - Can't Let You Go (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Truth Dub 1) 6: Hifi Sean, Crystal Waters - Testify (Opolopo Remix) 7: Shino Blackk - Wat If (Shino Zoned Out Piece) 8: Rhemi, Anna-Marie Johnson - Live Life Free 9: Margherita Cecchi - So Good (Instrumental Mix) 10: Bonetti, Urvin June, Anthony Carey - Summer Heat (Club Mix) 11: Mr Kavalicious - Ride On Top 12: Sean McCabe, Mr V - It Can Be (West Mix) 13: Rapson - Heat (Exclusive Extended Mix) 14: DJ Romain, Emory - This Hot (DJ Spen & Sean McCabe Hotter Than July Mix) 15: Grant Nelson - Move Close (Brixton Rub) 16: Michel De Hey - Tracklights (Crackazat Dub) 17: Marquis Hawkes - The Basement Is Burning 18: Joeski ft E-Man - I Remember House (Tribute Mix) 19: SuSu Bobien - Help Is On The Way (Spen & Thommy's Rescue Dub) 20: The Gene Dudley Group - Inspector Norse 21: Aroop Roy - Talkin' Bout Life (Brisa Remix) Enjoy!
August 11, 2017 05:33 PM PDT

Finally made the decision to finally get over to Europe for one of the big music festivals. This time is was the turn of Suncebeat 8 in Croatia. Having been a long time Southport Weekend regular while still living in the UK I knew the music and the people would be worth it.
The location is stunning and the main difference I found from SPW was the diversity of the crowd. Just in the taxi from the airport there was DC Wood from New Jersey travelling on his own, another guy who flew in from Jo'burg, another from Aberdeen and Amy who was midway through a six month holiday calling Bondi home. That set the tone for the week.
This mix is a blend of some of the tunes that rocked Suncebeat 8 and some of the new sounds about at the moment.
Tune of Suncebeat for me was Joeski - track 15 but you may have your own favourite. The opener was a cracking track put down by Lay-Far on the Local Talk boat, which for me was the best boat party. Intimate knowledgeable crowd and quality line-up.
Enjoy this small taste of what is a great way to enjoy fine music, sun and great company.
Thanks to all at Suncebeat for making this a thing every year. I will definitely be back.
Big shout to DC Wood, Alisdair, Brian, Conrad, Danny, Pete, Gemma, Leah, Debbie, Andy P, Daniela, Nat, Loucineh, Craig, Amy, Havard, Jamie, Rachael, Rick and the Blackpool crew and everyone else we partied with - thanks for the memories.

1: Aroop Roy - Talkin About Life (Brisa Remix)
2: Mastercris - Chains
3: E.O.L., Soulfrito - Upright Love (Louie Vega Kat Mix)
4: Hifi Sean, Crystal Waters - Testify (Opolopo Remix)
5: Loleatta Holloway - Can't Let You Go (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Truth Dub)
6: Rhemi, Lynn Lockamy - Warning
7: Kevin Hedge - My Beat (Spaced Out Beat) (David Harness Remix)
8: Bohdi - Wiggler
9: Rhemi, Anna-Marie Johnson - Live Life Free
10: M A S Collective - Release Your Mind (Spen & Karizma)
11: Sean McCabe, Mr V - It Can Be (West Mix)
12: Rapson - Heat (Exclusive Extended Mix)
13: Grant Nelson - Move Close (Brixton Rub)
14: Logic - Blues For You (Hard Dub)
15: Joeski ft E-Man - I Remember House (Tribute Mix)
16: Detroit Swindle - Can't Hold it
17: Camelphat - Cola
18: Randy Paterson - Let's Go (Dub)
19: DJPope - Jingo Ba (DJPope's Sound Of Baltimore Original Vocal)
20: Osunlade - Cosmic Signs
21: Jaxx Madicine - Montreux


June 25, 2017 01:18 AM PDT

This mix has been sitting on the shelf all month. It was mixed on the 1st June and for one reason or another it's taken 25 days to release.
That said I was overseas for one week, but it's still leaves room for improvement.
This month we are dominated by Re-Tide from Rome and the Cut Records they frequently release on. If you aren't familiar with their sound you will be by the end of the mix.
I'm not buying as much new music at the moment, hopefully that's a temporary thing, but it does mean the mixes are slowing down.
The weekly radio show is still going strong and a big thanks to everyone that supports.
I'm also playing in Sydney on the 7th July @ Tatler for RAW #5 alongside George Kristopher, DJ Nycks and Dr Mendez. I'm wrapping the night up from 1:30 to 3am, entry is free - hope to see you there.
BTW - anyone name this city?

1: Max Tealer - Heartbreak
2: Around7 - Ming
3: Pete Moss - Eyes So Deeply
4: Aisling Iris - Hey Lover (Crakazat Remix)
5: Rick Wade - Sugar Shack
6: Karizma, Marcel Vogel - I Got Jesus (Karizma Stomp Dub)
7: Kapote - L.O.V.E
8: Suburb Beat - Cest La Vie (Joss Moog Remix)
9: Re-Tide - Let Me Know Something
10: Joey Negro, Linda Clifford - Won't Let Go (Black Loops Remix)
11: Soul Power - Question My Love
12: MK - Burning (Vibe Mix)
13: Lumoon & Rob!n - La Disquette
14: Groove Assassin, Sean McCabe - The Change
15: Paradise Garage - Track Two (Re-Tide Re-Grooved Mix)
16: Francesco Sansone - Underground
17: Phaze Dee - Dance
18: Will Sonic - Don't Go
19: Phaze Dee - Found This
20: James Benedict - Like 94
21: Re-Tide - Try This
22: Karizma - Work It Out
23: Re-Tide - The Jam
24: Da Lukas - You Can't Stop The Groove
25: Sebas Ramis, Tutsi Girl Playhouse - Faith (Kiko Navarro Remix)
26: Todd Terje - Jungelknugen (Four Tet Remix)
27: Scott Franka - Toenail
28: South Street Players - Who Keeps Changing Your Mind


May 14, 2017 07:03 PM PDT

Another throwback mix that's on my playlist and gets a decent airing. Mixed in June 2017, but comprised of tracks from 2011. This mix tips it's hat the deeper chunkier sound and there were some absolute scorchers six years ago.
Don't be put off that it's not full of the latest tracks, there are future classics in here and as the old saying goes - don't knock it till you've tried it.

1: Luciano - Los Ninos De Fuera
2: Mic Newman - Systems & A Diana
3: Jef K & Gwen Maze - Boy Meets Girl (Original)
4: Alex Arnout - Move On (Original)
5: Aki Bergen ft Carmen Sherry - Into My Soul (Spiritcasher Remix)
6: Sascha Dive - Drums Of The Jungle (Frank Roger Remix)
7: Lovebirds - Brotha (Raw Mix)
8: Conan Liquid - Moonflower
9: Conan Liquid - Help Me Out
10: Kerri Chandler - Love Will Find A Way (Players Mix)
11: Sound Of One - I Know A Place (Prev Unreleased 124 BPM)
12: The Demitrios Project - Feel Alive (Sean McCabe Can't Stop Dub)
13: Lovebirds - Give A Sh1t
14: Art Of Tones - Dolces
15: Lovebirds - Chasing Things
16: J Paul Getto - Imma Let You Know (Original)
17: Phonik Funk - I'll Tell You Babe (Original)
18: Peter Horrevorts & Van Anh - It Keeps You Movin'
19: Rabiano - Grasshopper (Original Mix)
20: Actual Proof - Hubble (Deep Field Mix)
21: Replika - Untitled (Ethyl Remix)
22: Dimitri Max - Make It Last
23: Lovebirds - Mandrill
24: Juno What?! - Don't Wake (Love Over Money Brings The Strings Mix)


April 25, 2017 01:33 AM PDT

This mix was rescued from the flames of last weeks show. The gremlins attacked a couple of times, second being a big 10 minute bite out of the show. That killed the recording, so we only have just under 90 minutes.
The show was a throwback to ten years ago, which sounds like a long time, but then when you say 2007 strangely it doesn't.
I remember the tracks and what I was doing back when I first started playing them as though it was just last month. I'd imagine the same thing will happen to you when you listen.
The pace has picked back up again with the mixes after a stop start last 12 months or so. Not all of them are new music, but with over 30 years to choose from that's not a bad thing.
Thanks to those of you that reach out to show your support, hearing out of the blue that someone listens to your mixes all the time and has done for years is mind blowing, humbling and very inspirational. With the exception of a few regular listeners I really have no idea who actually listens out there, so stories like that make my week.
Anyway hope you all enjoy this little ten year time capsule.

1: Pepe Bradock & The Grande Brule's Choir - Burning (Deep Burnt)
2: Peven Everett - Sexy Make Up (Tarantulaz Mix)
3: Mark Grant ft Russoul - Guessin Again (Soul Bounce)
4: Anto Vitale - Theorema Del Faya (Tea Party Vocal)
5: We Had A Thing (Mattys Dub) - Abstract Truth
6: Ben Westbeech - So Good Today (Yarouba Soul Mix)
7: Roland Clark - Have A Good Time (Soul Channel)
8: Su Su Bobien - You Brought Me Brighterday
9: DJ Gregory - Attend (Yass Remix)
10: Yass - I'm Free
11: Lonewolf ft Claude Bain - Big Tune (Panevinos Mix)
12: Sir Piers - Back When (Sir Piers Club)
13: MYNC Project, carl Kennedy - Ride The Storm (Nacho Marco Afternoon Sunshine)
14: Kerri Chandler ft Monique Bingham - In The Morning


April 13, 2017 08:17 PM PDT

This is a recording of the live radio show on Pressure Radio from Thursday 13th April and what a show it was too.
I was still downloading tunes when it was supposed to start and then my machine crashed!! So we were 40 minutes late getting going. However once the wheels were rolling there was no stopping us.
It was really busy on the outside all the way through the show which was great - thanks to everyone that tuned in.
The chat room was full of banter too courtesy of Ludi, Nicky, G and Joey.
As for the mix, it wound up being three and a half hours long. You see it was 11:30pm by the time I had done my two hours and by then the girls were well on their merry way and dancing round their respective abodes. They begged me to keep going and since it was good Friday the next day - why not!!
You can hear this in the mix as the peak is at the 1hr 50 mark. I started to slow it down to finish, but we then tagged another 90 minutes on, which was much more on the mellow. As a result there are a lot of BIG tunes in here from across the spectrum.
As for the name of the mix......well that comes from an interesting conversation in the chatroom during the latter part of the mix. I'll say no more.
Thanks to everyone involved in making this such a fun show.

1: Aisling Iris - Hey Lover (Crackazat Remix)
2: Rick Wade - Sugar Shack
3: Pete Moss - Eyes So Deeply
4: The Disclosure Project - It Was Amazing
5: 4Tek - Free
6: Javi Bora, IAAM - Deep Vibe
7: Detroit Swindle - Woman
8: Elef - Lazy Liz
9: The Journeymen ft Hanlei - Feeling Myself
10: Karizma - Good Morning ft Monique Bingham (Kaytronix Remix)
11: Jovonn ft Hosanna - Don't Get Too Close (Karizma Mix)
12: Lil Louis - Crazy (Amber)
13: Rick Wade - Duke Of Cologne
14: Cajmere & Gene Ferris - The Biz
15: Tigerskin - Yellow Tops
16: Joey Negro & Sunburst Band - Garden Of Love (Kaje Trackheadz Mix)
17: Riva Starr - Can You Feel The Sunshine
18: Moullinex - Don't You Feel (Crackazat Mix)
19: Rober Gaez- Drunkin Preacher (Jorge Montia and Juan Diaz Remix)
20: Trackheadz - Our Music (Kaje Trackheadz Mix)
21: Son Of Raw - Black Man In Space (Sax Mix)
22: Cheiko Kinbara - Changed My Life (Spen Mix)
23: DJ Spen pres Dana Weaver - Heavenly (Deepah Ones Mix)
24: Lovebirds - Mandrill
25: Quentin Harris - Let's Be Young
26: POPOF, Arno Joey - Lidl Girl (Kerri Chandler Mix)
27: Lovebirds - Dancin
28: Lood - Shout N Out (MAW Dub)
29: Blind Colors, Melonie Daniels Walker - Found Love (David Morales Classic Mix)
30: Timmy Vegas, Tweek, Boogie Down Dee Jays - Got To Get You Love (Boogie Down Dee Jays Mix)
31: John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie', Bourgie' (Dance Ritual Dub)
32: Nathan Adams, Richard Samuels - Sending You My Love
33: Groove Assassin, Sean McCabe - Heat (Sean's Baby Dub)
34: Sean McCabe ft Stephanie Cooke - Just A Little Bit (Sean McCabe Classic Vocal Mix)
35: Soul Central - Song For Sharma
36: Sandboy & Nanar - Night Song (Yoruba Soul Mix)
37: Ezel ft Tamara Wellons - In My Lifetime (Deetron Remix)
38: Reel People ft Tony Momrelle - It Will Be (Ezel's Vocal Mix)


April 11, 2017 04:44 AM PDT

This mix was done at the end of Feb this year to celebrate my fifth anniversary on Pressure Radio. It's a crazy thought, I mean I can genuinely see the me hitting play on the first track like it was yesterday.
Frank Ainsworth one of the residents was in the chatroom to make sure it went off without any issues.
I was so excited to play, I had so many ideas and so many great tracks I wanted to share with everyone.
It was a tough slot as with the timezone difference between Aus, Europe and the US someone was always going to suffer, and with work commitments it wasn't going to be me. That has meant the show is typically on too early for my US followers which is a shame.
It also means there is a fair bit of confusion twice a year as the clocks change and the show lunges backwards and forwards in the Northern Hemisphere.
Soon after starting I was joined by another Pressure newbie - my brotha' from anotha' DJ Kevin Anthony from Baltimore. We created a quality four hour back to back set. For such an obscure isolated slot we got a great following with numbers no different to peak time UK and US.
Over the years I've met some great people in the chatroom, Jules, Mandy, Pete YMAW, Big Pete, Dini, G, Steve, Leah LND, Murph, Ludi, Ben TBM, Cookie, Andrea, Nicky, and of course we can't forget all of the silent listeners on the outside.
The station has a warm family feel with everyone very supportive, and the talent.....the likes of Andy Ward, Jon Mateo, Pugweezer, Brew, Geoffrey C, Brother C, Sahara 247, DJ Arch, Biopic to name a few. All sharing the same passion for deep soulful house music.
Finally a HUGE shout out to the two people that make this all happen, Carol and DJP who run the show. Massive Kudos to their dedication all for the love, five years on I am still very grateful to have been the chance to call this place my home.

1: Arnold Jarvis, Kerri Chandler - Inspiration
2: Carolyn Harding - Pick It Up (Sean McCabe's Club Vocal Mix)
3: AAries - Don't Give It Up (Reel People Mix)
4: Kings Of Tomorrow ft April - Fall For You (Sandy Rivera's Classic)
5: Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - Take It To The Top
6: The Layabouts ft Portia Monique - Bring Me Joy (Director's Cut Remix)
7: House Of Soul, Rochelle Rice - Every Day (Adam Rios and Johnny JM Vocal)
8: MAW, India - Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix)
9: Angel-A - Come Sunday Morning (Angel-A and Doc Link Remix)
10: Kyodai - Breaking
11: Kink - Valentines Groove
12: Denis Filipovic - Come With Me
13: Nick Nikolov - Come Down
14: Gilbert Le Funk - New Dawn
15: Lexa Hill - Da Hood
16: Wyen Solo - SMILE (Groove Assassin Dub Remix)
17: The Checkup - Set My Soul Free
18: Jordan Trove - Beautiful World (JT Reverse Dub)
19: Ross Couch - Somebody Like You
20: Danny J Lewis - When The Sun Breaks The Clouds
21: Lovebirds Mandrill
22: Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts (Recloose Mix)


March 31, 2017 05:46 AM PDT

Just as my belief in the quality of tunes was starting to wain along came a set of beauties to put me straight again.
I love the diversity and build up in this mix and there are some real crackers along the way.
The first couple of tracks are deep, but in a warm n fuzzy way. We then switch into a burst of fun loving twisted electronic phunk. This style is so refreshing and I love being able to add it into the mix to diversify the sound.
The mix thickens up a little with Sebb Junior and continues through to the excellent KOT and Rhemi Dub of Sandy Rivera's infamous "Changes".
Have to mention DJ-Eclyps, have been a fan for a while and he delivers with "Give It To Me".
The mix lifts again for a more traditional soulful house sound before the heat kicks in.
It starts with a bit of Acid courtesy of MANIK, quickly followed by two of my favourite tracks from Georg Levin and Alex Herrera.
We are then well and truly in the thick of it with big tunes coming thick and fast.
Another shout to Jordan Grover who stepped up with "I've Had It With You".
Large continue on a roll with an excellent EP by Finest Wear. So much so that all three tracks are in the mix.
The mix cools down with the help of Lay-Far on "That Dub".
Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed mixing it.
Finally thanks to everyone that helped me hit #2 on the Deep House chart.

1: thatmanmonkz - Manna For Poppa
2: Brawther - Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix)
3: Marcel Lune - Eat Good
4: hodini - Down Up
5: JR from Dallas - Downtown City (Nouskynousk Remix)
6: Aitor Astiz - Old School Slang (4Tek Remix)
7: Linkwood, House Of Traps - Barely Eagle
8: Sebb Junior - Groove On
9: Powder Monkeys -Holdin On (Homero's Dub Mix)
10: Tuff Vibes - Ruff
11: DJ-Eclyps, Tara Jamelle - Give It To Me (Orig Extended Mix)
12: Sandy Rivera, Haze - Changes 2017 (Kings Of Tomorrow vs Rhemi Dub)
13: Moullinex - Tee Flowers
14: PolyRhythm, Jay Kutz, Jaquita May - This World (Mr V's 1996 Version Instrumental)
15: Keith Sibley - Stand By Me (Johan S)
16: MANIK (NYC) - Myrtle Ave
17: Georg Levin - Everything Must Change (Bara Brost Disco Dub Remix)
18: Alex Herrera - Activate
19: Jordan Trove - I've Had It With You (Fizzikx Remix)
20: Bronx Cheer - Foolin (Piers Kirwan Remix)
21: Finest Wear - In Her Mind
22: S3A - Feels Like Garage
23: Finest Wear - U Got To Move
24: Franqy, Louis Bailey - In The Club (Brotherton Wing Remix)
25: Finest Wear - Tribute To Pepe
26: Intr0beatz, Lay-Far - That Dub (SMDB Motown Mix)


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