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c2eMusic Soulful Deep House
Also available on Mixcloud - www.mixcloud.com/c2emusic
Category: Deep House
Location: Sydney
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All mixes are also available to stream at www.mixcloud.com/c2emusic The full back catalogue and RSS feed will be available f...

by Richie Haynes
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December 06, 2016 11:28 PM PST

This is an all vinyl special recorded live on Pressure Radio on 10th November. It was a late start to the show as I had no idea what to play.
After a quick flick I came across the old Defected collection. The challenge was on, could I do a whole show.................you bet!

Was joined by Big Pete my mate from home for the second half of the mix. He was bouncing around the chatroom to the tunes encouraging me to keep turning the screw.
He's pestered me ever since to give him a copy of the mix and I've managed to put it off for almost a month!!

So here it is in all it's snap crackle 'n' popping glory. Hopefully Mr Dunmore doesn't take offence, but just in case, get your ears around it as soon as possible.

1: Kathy Brown - You Give Good Love (Jay-J's Moulton Studio Mix)
2: Crystal Clear - Live Your Life (Live Elements Vox)
3: Eminence ft Kathy Brown - Give It Up (Clepto's Classic Vocal Mix)
4: Hott 22 - Dreamscape
5: King Unique - Change
6: Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin'
7: Havana Funk - Bakiri Ban
8: Banda Sonora - Guitarra G
9: Olav Basoski - Opium Scumbags (Cleptomaniacs Mystic Dub)
10: ATFC pres OnePhatDeeva ft Lisa Millett - Bad Habit (ATFC Club Mix)
11: Bobby Blanco & Mikki Moto - 3AM
12: Bob Sinclar - Save Our Souls
13: ATFC ft Lisa Millett - Sleep Talk (Junior Jack Club Mix)
14: Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - Black Sugar
15: Blaze ft Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (Future 3000 Vocal)
16: Una Mas - I Will Follow (Full Intention Club Mix)
17: Copyright ft Imaani - Time
18: Julie McKnight - Home (Knee Deep Dub)


November 20, 2016 02:17 AM PST

This is a special promo mix done on Pressure Radio on 17th November for the Underground Jack event held in Sydney the following Friday 18th called "Raw".
It marks the start of a new chapter with an upcoming residency from January at Sydney's legendary Tatler's in Darlinghurst.
It's a seamless flow across the sounds of the last 15 years in both digital and vinyl form. A fair few of the tracks were played on the night and got a great reaction from the fantastic crowd that turned up. All up it turned into a four and a half hour long set including some back 2 back action with Underground Jack's founder DJ Nycks.
Hopefully a sign of things to come here in Sydney, so to celebrate and get you in the mood for the next one, download this deep house bad boy and lose yourself in the music.

1: Angel Moraes - Welcome To The Factory
2: H.C.C.R. - Tania
3: Lovebirds - Mandrill
4: Mambana - No Reason (DJ Meri Vox)
5: H.C.C.R. - Night @ The Black
6: Stuttering Munx, Elliot Chapman - Alright (Part2 - Piers Kirwan Mix)
7: Kink - Valentine's Groove
8: Kid Creme ft Shawnee Taylor - Austin's Groove (Let Me Live)
9: Sandy Rivera - Love For Free
10: The Phat Swede - He Belongs To Me
11: DJ Romain, Miss Patty – I Got You (Vocal Mix)
12: Oscar Barila - The Last Goodbye (Maiki Remix)
13: Robbie Rivera Grooves - Funk-A-Tron
14: Robbie Rivera - Keep Going You Don't Stop (Shaggadelic Mix)
15: Trackheadz - Our Music (Kaje Trackheadz Remix)
16: Denis Filipovic - Come With Me
17: Princeton Rejects - Love Games
18: Gilbert La Funk - New Dawn
19: Sidney Charles - Going Down
20: Raffa FL - The X Track
21: Todd Terry - Kashmir
22: Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym
23: Bassment Jaxx - Fly Life


September 29, 2016 07:21 AM PDT

A mix that has evolved through the course of the month. We can think of it as 4/4/4. Four beats in a bar of four distinct styles, first one being that deep warm sound that gets us warmed up for what's to come. Second is the vocals into disco. Third is booty shakin' bouncing rumbling tunes topped off with chunky Chicago style house.

Special call out to Demarkus Lewis and Soledrifter who went toe to toe with three tracks each.

Two tracks of the month - firstly Lexa Hill with "Da Hood", pure sunshine energy.
Top of the pops has to go to Louie Vega's latest - Bourgie Bourgie. He truly is the king and long may he reign.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed - which part of the mix moved you most? What were your top three tracks?
What didn't you like? All feedback is appreciated. Also feel free to like and share. Not you keeping this musical goodness to yourself smiley


1: Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon, TK Blue - The Blue Room (Kaidi Tatham's Shokazuku Remix)
2: Roberto Rodriguez - Broken
3: Sebb Junior - Danse
4: 4004 - In The Mood
5: Detroit Swindle - Tori Karaage
6: Soledrifter - Created
7: Demarkus Lewis, J Paul Getto - Sleepin
8: Logic - The Flavor Of Love (Ultra Love Mix)
9: Kia Stewart - He Still Loves Me (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
10: Timmy Vegas, Tweek - Got To Get Your Love (Boogie Down Dee Jays Mix)
11: John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie', Bourgie' (Dance Ritual Dub)
12: Namy, Joi Cardwell - Bright Eyes (Crackazat Happy Classic Mix)
13: Demarkus Lewis - Self Is Steam (Stripped Dub Mix)
14: Soledrifter - Ain't Nobody
15: Demarkus Lewis - I Do It Naturally
16: Bress Underground - Funk It
17: Lexa Hill - Da Hood
18: Soledrifter - Paranoid Kids
19: Mattei & Omich, Taste Of Honey - Hardy Choice (Mattei & Omich Re-Edit)
20: Cajmere, Gene Farris - Members Only
21: Phonik Funk, Max'C - Don't Stop (Peaktime Dub)
22: Alkalino - Beware Of The Dog
23: Ross Couch - Life Goes On
24: Crime - Rhythm Graffiti (The Pleasure Zone)


September 19, 2016 04:39 AM PDT

Please hit the favourite button on the Podomatic player to help me win a Broadcast account for life. It will allow me to host all of my 200 mixes in one place making it easier for you to enjoy.
Big thank you for your support.

This mix is a great advert for the diverse sound that house music has mutated into over the last 25+ years. That's helped with more than a few remixes, samples and originals from across the years.
We start off as always with a deeper sounds, although this time there's a heavy jazz flavour.
The sound pivots with an insane remix from Pezzner of "Candy Coated Perfection".
There is then a cluster of nods to the old days. I won't spoil it, you have to listen.
Producer of the month for me is Gilbert La Funk. Both tracks are magic, "New Dawn" just pipping.
The mix ends with the most chilled track I've probably ever played. It's short and sweet and very very deeeeep,
"Croydon Depot" is a great way to come down.

Download the mix at www.c2emusic.com

1- Tim Deluxe - Trying' Find A Way
2- Joss Moog - Subtube
3- Homework - Pleister
4- Jazzman, Iban Montoro - Next To You
5- Hamza - Acid Jazz
6- Candy Coated Perfection ft Sacha - Candy Coated Perfection (Pezzner Dub)
7- Debonair - Real Talk
8- Deezbootz - Catch The Train
9- Djordje - Happiness
10- NY's Finest, City Soul Project - Do You Feel Me (City Soul Project Mix)
11- Jay Vegas - Body & Soul
12- Demarkus Lewis - Got Me Runnin
13- Gilbert La Funk - Kaleidoscope
14- Steve Mill - Times Are Ruough
15- The Fog - Been A Long Time
16- Teddy Douglas - Check It Out
17- The Djoon Experience, Kenny Bobien- Baptize Me (Terrence Parker Gospel Stomp Mix)
18- Timmy Vegas - Timmy's Choir (2nd Coming Dub)
19- Demarkus Lewis - Inside Urself
20- Drop Out Orchestra ft Yvette - I Got It (H.I.M.W.O.L. Remix)
21- Gilbert La Funk - New Dawn
22- The Checkup - I Found House
23- Anthony Beckford - Funky Lowdown (Monodeluxe Dub Mix)
24- Henry Wu - Croydon Depot


September 05, 2016 02:35 AM PDT

Adding another DJ to the c2eMusic hall of fame.  Plenty of energy with this one as we head over to Baltimore to pay homage to Sean Spenser better known to you and me as DJ Spen.
Whether it’s the Jasper Street Co., Muthafunkaz, Deepah Ones, or just plain DJ Spen the results are the same. Take it to church pumpin’ rich chunky soulful house music.
He first crafted his trade at Basement Boys Records before stepping up to create Code Red. More recently he created one of the most prolific labels on the Soulful house scene – Quantize records.
His live sets always get the place rockin’ with an up beat chunky bounce.

This set was was put together on the fly and ideally I’d like to spend more time on the programming however the reaction during the show and listening to it a couple of times it’s well worth a release in it’s current form.

4 the love of house, 4 the love of beats, 4 the love of dance.

1: Michele Chiavarini, Elfredo – The Music Tells Me (DJ Spen, Thommy Davis Remix)
2: Melissa B – Be Free (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Flying Colours Hump)
3: Ziggy Funk ft Taliwa – What You Afraid Of (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Disco Party Mix)
4: DJ Spen pres Damond Ramsey – Feel The Heat (DJ Spen Re-Edit)
5: Adam Rios, Stephanie Cooke – Mighty Skies (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Koffee Mix)
6: Lisa Millet – When I’m Dancin'(DJ Spen Alternate Vocal)
7: Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallman ft Laquana Jones – We’re Gonna To Make It (Muthafunkaz Hump Mix)
8: Michelle Weeks & Tallman ft Laquana Jones – We’re Gonna To Make It (Muthafunkaz Bridge Mix)
9: DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz ft Ann Nesby – It’s So Easy (Muthafunkaz 12″Vocal)
10: K-Klass – Dance With Me (Main 12″ DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz mix)
11: Marc Evans – Down Time (A Drink B4 We Dance) (DJ Spen Extended Mix)
12: The Muthafunkaz – I Do Love You (AllIWannaDo) (Muthafunkin’ Dub)
13: Marc Evans – Reach Out For Love (Muthafunkaz Out Reach Remix (Extended Version)
14: Marc Evans – Reach Out For Love (DJ Spen Sneak Tribute Track (Extended Version)
15: DJ Spen presents the Jersey Maestros ft Renee Smith – He’s So Real (Muthafunkaz Tell Ya Bout Him Remix)
16: DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz – To The Rock (Praise Party Vocal)
17: Chieko Kinbara – Changed My Life (Produced by DJ Spen)
18: Danny Clark & Jay Benham ft SuSu Bobien – Wondrous (Muthafunkaz Remix)
19: Typheni – Is It Love (Neal Conway & DJ Spen Afro Latin Remix)
20: Toni Granello ft Lina Lee Hopkins – Lift Him Up (Muthafunkaz Praise Party Mix)
21: Deepah Ones – Epic Proportions (Da Bang Banga)
22: DJ Spen pres Dana Weaver – Heavenly (Deepah Ones Remix)
23: Key To Life ft Kathleen Murhpy – Find Our Way (Breakaway) (Muthafunkaz Found A Vocal Mix)
24: Kenny Bobien – Let Me Show You (DJ Spen & Karizma Remix)


August 26, 2016 09:16 PM PDT

It was a case of third time lucky with this mix.  Bought half of the tracks at the start of the month and enjoyed the mix but didn't have enough for two hours.  Tried again mid month but didn't like the flow.  Finally I bought some more new tracks at the end of the month and mixed this on the fly on my Pressure Radio show.  Much happier with the result.

Some big tracks in here, highlights for me "Dust Devil", "Valentine's Groove", "Coming To You", "Strings" and "The Ascent".

Remember you can catch the show live on Pressure Radio every Thursday - 9 to 11pm Sydney, 12pm to 2pm London and 7am to 9am NYC.

This mix is available to stream on mixcloud.com/c2emusic and soundcloud.com/c2emusic.

If this download doesn't work, then pick it up from c2emusic.podomatic.com

1: Pixel82 - Going On (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix)
2: Nachtbraker - Pollo Con Pollo
3: Brame & Hamo - Retrospect
4: S3A - Antois Benime (Austral Parc)
5: Dairmount - Dust Devil (Dub)
6: Adesse Versions - Wash My Car (Jacques Renault Edit)
7: Angelo Ferreri - Walking Jazz
8: Tokita, DK & The Doctor - Nobel's Prize
9: KiNK - Valentines Groove
10: Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon, TK Blue - The Blue Room
11: Gershon Jackson, Rona Ray - Raindance (Shon Jackson's House Of Omni)
12: JoioDJ - I Believe (F&B Main Mix)
13: Soul Central - In-Ten-City (Vocal Mix)
14: Jill Scott - Coming To You (House N HD Terry Hunter & Mike Dunn Soulfrica Mix)
15: Alex Agore - Ultra
16: Acilles & One - Sleepless
17: KiNK - Strings
18: The Journey Men, Hanlei - Feeling Myself
19: Johan S - Running
20: Ouer - The Ascent
21: Soledrifter - Just Friends
22: Delivio Reavon, Jennifer Cooke, Yax.X - Society (Josh Butler Remix)
23: Mike Steva, Motty, Siobhan - Weekend Love (Louie Vega Ritual Dub)
24: Lisa Shaw - Let It Ride (Jimpster's House Remix)


July 11, 2016 07:32 AM PDT

Well that was a very long unplanned break between releases. Combination of a few things, slow buying new music in April and May, an increase in crate diggin’ session on Pressure and then a three week trip to the U.S. Anyway all that’s behind us now and to make up for it we have a real cracker of a mix. Bigger and chunkier right from the start with so many unreleased I was able to keep a good level of intensity all the way through, still building constantly of course, you know how we smiley.
Proud to be able to support the locals so it was a pleasure being able to drop one of the latest releases on Bobbin Head, run by Sydney’s Husky.
The show was recorded live on Pressure on 7th July in front of a rowdy crowd in the chatroom lots of good fun though.
For anyone in Sydney on the 23rd July come down and hear me play at Underground Jack in the Viper Room of the Burdiken. I’ll be warming up for Husky from Random Soul alongside DJ Nycks and Mark Simonds. It’s a vinyl only affair and I can’t wait to get crate diggin’ that those 90’s classics.Tracklisting:
1: Fallout – The Morning After (Purple Disco Machine Re-Work)
2: Danvers – Terrell
3: Black Loops – Cassette2 (COEO Remix)
4: DJ Le Roi – Keep On
5: Miguel Graca – Chuncky Sauce
6: Low Steppa – My Black T Shirt
7: POPOF, Arno Joey – Lidl Girl (Kerri Chandler Remix)
8: Rhemi, Lifford, Hanlei – Mask Off (Instrumental)
9: Thomas Blondet, Eric Kupper, Arnold Jarvis – How Lucky (Instrumental)
10: Veev – Seconds
11: Lunare Project, Eric Kupper – Yes You Do
12: The Checkup, John James – I’ll Be Here
13: Mikael Delate, Paul Randolph – This Is The Place (Phaze Dee Remix)
14: Seven Grand Housing Authority – I Wanna Higher (Proper Remix)
15: Angelo Ferreri – So Hard
16: Riva Starr – Can You Feel The Sunshine
17: DJ Rooster – Scats (Rooster’s Old Skool Dopeness Mix)
18: Soledrifter – My Body Needs It (The Checkup Remix)
19: Soledrifter – Take Me Back
20: Harry Romero, Jessica Eva, RT – Rude (Extended Mix)
21: Flavia Lazzarini – Beijing (Alfred Azzetto Re-Work)
22: Glass Slipper – Up On The Floor (Hermano Espinosa Remix)
23: Mark De Clive-Lowe, Lay-Far – Jump Higher

April 04, 2016 06:50 AM PDT

Mixcloud - www.mixcloud.com/c2eMusic

New mixes have been very slow this year. Most recently I’ve been off air for over five weeks which hasn’t helped however this is now the first release of new music this year.
It’s a live recording from last week’s show on Pressure Radio and features brand new material right the way through.
Only purchased a couple of hours before the show it was great to hear the tracks for the first time during the show.
Highlights for me both from NY – DJ Romain and Lenny Fontana showing they are still bringing the heat.
Also in fine form is Kai Alce who top and tails the mix with some very lush vybes.
Finally for those of you in Sydney on May 7th, join me live at Oxford Hotel for Underground Jack. I’ll be joined by DJ Nycks and Mark Simonds.

1: Munk – Hot Medusa (Kai Alce Remix)
2: Sebastian Grand – Holdin’ On
3: Ponty Mython – I Wish
4: Groove Riddim – Give It Up
5: Dub Striker – Falling Leaves (Murvin Sound Remix)
6: Moero Espinosa, Mr V – Set Me Free (Dub)
7: Sebastian Davidson (First House (Roland Nights Remix)
8: Groove Riddim – Mind Is Free
9: Detroit Swindle – Howsmusic
10: Louie Vega, Cassio Ware – Just The Way I Like It (Louis Vega Jersey Mix)
11: Blind Colours, Melonie Daniels Walker – Found Love (David Morales Classic Mix)
12: JC Unique, Sheree Hicks – You Give Me Fever
13: Moma Lazette – Pressure Pressure (Art Of Tones Mix)
14: Bonetti – Lose My Mind (Angelo Draetta Remix)
15: Cotterell – The Grind
16: DJ Romain, Miss Patty – I Got You (Vocal Mix)
17: Alex Agore – He Brought Me (Groove Assassin Slam Dub)
18: Jasper St Co – A Feelin’ (Heller & Farley Project Remix)
19: Jay Vegas – The One
20: Lenny Fontana – Pay The Price
21: Mike Newman – Don’t Stop The Rhythm
22: Ivo Kolev – Don’t Look Back
23: Emdee Brown – Again (Kai Alce Remix Instrumental)


March 18, 2016 06:22 PM PDT

Please hit the favourite button on the Podomatic player to help me win a Broadcast account for life. It will allow me to host all of my 200 mixes in one place making it easier for you to enjoy. Big thank you for your support.

Listen to this mix at www.mixcloud.com/c2eMusic

We had a Sound Of London mix a couple of year back which captured the bumpy sound of the UK Garage beats from the 90’s
This time we turn our attention to NYC. Mainly because there is so much to choose from.
The mix features classics from some of the biggest names on the scene.

1: Mondo Grosso – Souffles H (King St Club Mix)
2: Todd Terry – Samba
3: Jolene – The DJ (Alix Alvarez SOLE Channel Mix)
4: Ralph Session & E-Man – Release The Demons (Mr V Main Mix)
5: Quentin Harris ft Monique Bingham – Poor People (Full Vocal)
6: Kem – Without You (Scott Wozniak Shelter Vocal)
7: Mood II Swing – Closer (King St Moody Club)
8: KOT – Young Hearts (Red Square Promo)
9: Todd Terry – The Unreleased Project Pt 4 (Jumpin&rsquowinking
10: Kenlou 3 – What A Sensation (Sensational Mix)
11: Chaka Khan ft Mary J Blige – Disrespectful (Quentin Harris Mix)
12: The Realm ft Tony Momrelle – Time (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)
13: Dennis Ferrer – Church Lady
14: Trina Broussard – Joy (Quentin Harris Mix)
15: Peven Everett – Inspiration (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Mix)
16: Todd Terry – Kashmir (T.N.T. Mix)
17: Lil’Louis – Fable (Director’s Cut Classic Club Mix)
18: Mariah Carey – Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)
19: Sound Of One – I Know A Place (Unreleased 124 Mix)
20: Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People (C.J.s Dub)
21: Quentin Harris – Let’s Be Young


January 08, 2016 01:24 PM PST

C2eMusic - The Munted Sessions - Swing City by C2emusic on Mixcloud

This is the first in a series of releases from past Pressure Radio shows which for one reason or another didn't make the grade for an official c2eMusic podcast release.
This session paid homage to an all time favourite label from London - 'Swing City' established by the legend that is Grant Nelson.
It was recorded back on Nov 6th 2014. The first half is vinyl, with the later being digitally dominated. Few phat finger moments and me on the mic are what held this mix back.

I've noticed that Mixcloud is prevented from making this mix available in the US.  For any US visitors use the little silver play button at the top of this post.  Ignore the embedded Mixcloud player.
Easiest way to to subscribe to the podcast using the big button in the top left of the page.

Thanks for your continued support and happy new year!

1: Grant Nelson - Rhode House
2: The Soul City Experience - Let's Do It
3: Grant Nelson - Celebrate Love
4: Ground 96 - Groove Intervention
5: Ground 96 - Throw Ya Hands Up
6: Mousse T - Everybody
7: Ground 96 - Hard But Sexy
8: Curtis & Moore - Never Stop  (Club Mix)
9: Ce Ce Rogers - Come On & Dance (Grant Nelson Mix)
10: Grant Nelson - The Sound
11: Negrocan - Cada Vez
12: Negrocan - Aquela Esquina (Grant Nelson Club Mix)
13: Grant Nelson - Life (Discovery Mix)
14: Grant Nelson - So Special (Club Mix)
15: 3 Spirits - Chapter 1 (Disco Gold)
16: Bump & Flex - Long Time Coming
17: Kinky Movement & Adaja Black - Loco Love (Animist Vocal Mix)
18: Grant Nelson - Switch
19: Grant Nelson - Spellbound
20: Nu Rhythmix - Origins
21: Noir vs Nu Rhythmix - All About Babylon (GN Edit)
22: Negrocan - Aquela Esquina (Grant Nelson Dub)
23: Physics - Viva L'Amour (Grant Nelson Remix)
24: Grant Nelson - Ethnicity (Part One)


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